Conflict of Interest and some other stuff

Hey folks,

I’m running a monthly show at the Creek and the Cave which takes place the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 10 PM. It’s a debate show where comics debate the important issues affecting people around the globe today. Next show is April 11th at 10.

See image below for additional details.


Tonight’s show cancelled, but good news

Due to incompetence, the Stress Factory is apparently closed tonight and the Big Ten Show is cancelled.

However, I’m producing a show again! This time around, I’m co-producing with my pal Ginny Hogan! That way I already have my one female comic in the lineup and don’t have to book another chic!

Anyway, our show is now at Salzy, which is located at 506 5th Avenue in Park Slope. No cover, drinks are as cheap as $3, so even if you’re a broke piece of shit you have no excuse. Show starts at 9 and ends at 10:30, so try not to be your usual obnoxious self and show up on time, because I really don’t care if the room is empty – I’m not waiting for you.

Our first show is May 31st. See the lineup below:



Hey folks,
Sandip Sen was out of town, so I brown-faced and guest hosted for him on the Fake Outrage Podcast with Phill Causey.
Matt Ruby joined us to discuss outrage over using selfie sticks during terrorist attacks and white people getting butthurt over the Mulan remake (but not over the fact that the limited edition McDonalds Szechuan sauce isn’t coming back). I’m certain he walked away horrified and debating whether to call animal control services to protect my dog from me.
Oh, and please check out Matt’s new album Hot Flashes, which is on iTunes, Spotify, and whatever other mediums the Internet provides. It’s dope as fuck.

Fake Outrage Report

This is a little outdated, but I was recently on The Fake Outrage Report, a podcast dedicated to Internet outrage. It’s a good listen, if only because I’m on it. See below to listen.