Racism = Beetlejuice

Lately, when people discuss things like police brutality and whether race plays a factor in many police related shooting deaths, I’ve been seeing countless retards spouting things like:

“Yeah Mike Brown and shit right, if people didn’t try and turn everything into racism you wouldn’t have actual racists being able hide in police officer uniforms and get away with shit by saying that everything is Racial” (actual quote from someone’s Facebook)

“Obama is responsible for all of the racism in this country” (paraphrase)

Yes folks, racism only exists because people first complained that it existed. Everyone knows that racists are like Beetlejuice: they can’t exist you say it 3 times.

It also applies to sexism and bigotry. Everyone knows that rape couldn’t possibly happen if women weren’t always yapping about it. Everyone knows that hate groups around the world ONLY exist because one of you selfish jerks called them a bigot.

In fact, Hitler ONLY killed all of those Jews because they complained about people always wanting to kill them. It is for this reason that Turkey NOBLY does their best to prevent bigotry in their country by denying that the Armenian genocide happened.

So remember people, the best way to prevent the countless ugly things we do as species is to be in complete denial that there might just be a problem.

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