The Fred Durst Memorial Comedy Festival*

The show formerly known as the F-Word is now officially the Fred Durst Memorial Comedy Festival*!!!

Normally the last Monday of every month, the next show has been pushed to November 7th so we can celebrate America one last time before it’s ruined by a Trump victory.

The show is at the Skinny on 174 Orchard Street. No cover, but please don’t be a deadbeat piece of shit and buy a drink or something.

Here’s your lineup (so far):

Faisal Alam (NYC Crime report w/ Pat Dixon)
Melissa Diaz (Melting Pot, Bootleg Comedy)
Lev Fer (Shit You Should Know)
Dan Hofer (Atlanta Comedy Binge)
Mercer Morrison (Reelz Channel, CMT)

More comics to be added whenever I feel like it.

*Not actually a comedy festival. Also, Fred Durst isn’t actually dead, but wouldn’t it be nice if he was?

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